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Request for Bids

Kluane First Nation will be accepting bids for the following work to be completed at 414 Copper Joe Subdivision.

Scope of work:

  • Refer to Architectural drawings A0.00 through A5.00 (seven sheets).
  • Arrange for all necessary permits to complete work.  Kluane First Nations will cover the direct cost of the permits plus provide a 10% administrative fee to the contractor.
  • Supply and Install 10 mil poly ground sheet.
  • Construct new PWF pads for cribbing.
  • Construct new cribbing, in accordance with details provided.
  • Install LVL floor beams.
  • Raise, lower, and level structure as required to establish a level floor assembly/building.
  • Supply and install new duckbill tie-down anchors in locations indicated.
  • Supply and install new support post from foundation to floor assembly.
  • Supply and install corrugated metal skirting around building as noted on drawings.
  • Supply new floor joists to infill former stair opening.
  • Supply and install T&G plywood subfloor atop new floor joists.
  • Supply and install two layers of wool board insulation in floor cavity throughout structure.
  • Supply and install new pressure treated plywood protection board on the underside of floor joists.
  • Construct new partition walls as indicated to create Utility Room.
  • Install water tank, hot water tank, washer, and dryer in newly created Utility Room.  Provide plumbing works as required.  Provide electrical works as required.
  • Demolish, and dispose of the existing bathroom and reconstruct as indicated on the plans.  Provide plumbing works as required. Provide electrical works as required.
  • Supply and install new exterior deck as detailed on drawings.
  • Arrange with electrical utility provider to reconnect electrical service.
  • Connect unit sanitary plumbing to existing septic tank.
  • Re-install exterior fuel tank.
  • Make good all existing surfaces and provide final cleaning.
  • Dispose of all waste materials.

Materials to be Supplied by Kluane First Nation:

  • Precut blocking for cribbing construction.
  • PWF materials for foundation pads.
  • LVL beams.

All other Materials to be Supplied by Contractor.


Please submit your sealed bid to Reception at Kluane First Nation Administration Office where it will be stamped with date and time


Thank you, please contact: KFN PWMS Property Manager, Jeff Hunter for further information: Cell 519-331-1940 office 867-841-4274 ext. 123.

Posting Date: May 21, 2024

Internal closing date: June 6, 2024 at 4 PM.