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COVID & Community Safety Officer

Contract Opportunity

Term: Contract to run to November 30, 2021 with the possibility of renewal.


The following duties are required over the course of the project:

  • Coordinate and attend weekly meetings of the KFN COVID Response Team.
  • Attend weekly YG/YFN COVID-19 update meetings.
  • Monitor and update YG phases, orders and guidelines and keep committee members informed.
  • Attend weekly meetings with the YG-Aboriginal Relations Community Liaison.
  • Attend bi-weekly (or as often as deemed necessary) meetings with KFN Directors to address all COVID-related matters.
  • Lead implementation of KFN’s COVID 19 Emergency Response Plan.
  • Conduct relevant research.
  • Develop funding applications.
  • Develop policy documents for review and approval (Management Team, C&C).
  • Track and prepare biweekly reporting on COVID-related activities.
  • Support preparation of communication materials.
  • Support interventions related to COVID such as Lead Hand for COVID Checkpoints.
  • Review daily log reports, reporting to CEMA and/or RCMP violations as required.
  • Tracking & supporting known COVID cases within community.
  • Educating community on current COVID guidelines, restrictions, Orders in Council.
  • Work with KFN’s Emergency Measures Plan (EMP) working group to ensure COVID activities are incorporated in KFN’s emergency planning process and documents.
  • Prepare final report, and other material such as a pandemic plan chapter or the EMP.
  • Finalize the KFN Pandemic Plan. 
    Assist internal KFN departments with implementation of COVID support programs that support mental and physical health activities (ie. Virtual bingo, walking club, etc).
  • Liaison with multiply jurisdictions and organizations (CEMA, RCMP, YFNs, local businesses etc).
  • Ensure continuous coverage for responding to safety concerns.


  • Valid Class 5 Drivers License.
  • Criminal Records Check.
  • Available to be On-Call and work flexible hours.
  • Familiarity with Microsoft 365 (specifically Outlook, Word, Excel).
  • Proficient communication skills.
  • Knowledge and familiarity with Burwash Landing and Destruction Bay residents.
  • Must reside within Burwash Landing, Destruction Bay or other area within the KFN Traditional Territory.


If you are interested in being considered for this contract, please contact Pauly Sias, Executive Director, Kluane First Nation at or at the above contact numbers formore details.


Please submit your expression of interest ASAP – we will be reviewing submissions as they are received until the contract is filled.