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Contract: Wildlife Monitor

KFN Wildlife Monitor – 1 position

Lands, Resources and Heritage Branch

Scope of Services Description:

1. Attend weekly meetings with the Natural Resources Branch to plan where the Wildlife Monitors will patrol – talk about any issues to be addressed;

2. Collect and report information on wildlife within the Kluane First Nation Traditional Territory;

3. Conduct patrols within the Traditional Territory to ensure regulations and harvest quotas;

4. Serve as a liaison between the First Nation and enforcement officials;

5. Working knowledge of the YG Wildlife regulation summary;

6. Conduct the collection of Fish and Wildlife Harvest Survey for the current seasons harvest;

7. Identification of possible local fish and wildlife issues and concerns, i.e.: meat wastage, habitat degradation, littering, etc.;

8. Serve as a contact for citizens to report infractions such as poaching or over harvesting;

9. Write daily reports, recording of contacts, completing wildlife monitor harvest record, wildlife viewing and patrol forms, all documents have to be typed and submitted with your invoice;

10. Work when required with the KFN L, R & H Department Staff.

Requirements for Performance of Services:

A long-standing connection to the land and experience living on the land, back country travel, ability to interact with people, particularly hunters and recreational groups, with tactful, productive skill. 

Knowledge of the Kluane First Nation Traditional Territory; wildlife generally resident within the Traditional Territory including the migration routes, general population, life cycles and traditional uses; KFN history, traditions and culture; wilderness survival skills including the ability to live off the land, operate off-road vehicles and survive in remote locations.

To lead by example there will be no personal hunting or guiding others to hunt while on patrol.  At all times you must respect the “No Harvest Area” in the Kluane National Park and Reserve.

The contract will be for fall season and work is to commence immediately and will be completed by November 1, 2022

This posting will be open until filled.

The contractors will be responsible for supplying their own vehicles, snowmobiles, and ATV’s.

Please contact Kristy Kennedy 867-334-1397, for further information.

Send resume to  or drop off at the KFN office: Attention: Kristy