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Notice of Citizen Consultation


Legislation: KFN Constitution and Uk’à Dàts’älay (Rules for the People) Act  

Date: March 7, 2020 from 1-2:30 pm.
Venue: Burwash Landing, Jacquot Hall
Lunch will be provided by KDSLP. 

The Constitution Committee will be consulting Citizens on proposed amendments to the KFN Constitution as part of the Constitutional Review. The Constitution Committee will also be consulting on proposed amendments to the Uk’à Dàts’älay (Rules for the People) Act that are related to the proposed constitutional amendments. 

Topics for amendment: 

  • Legislative Process – Appendix II of the KFN Constitution, and Part 7 of theUk’à Dàts’älay (Rules for the People) Act;
  • Honorary Citizenship nomination process – Citizenship Code section 10,Appedix I of the KFN Constitution;
  • Recognition of Tlingit ancestry in the preamble of the KFN Constitution; and
  • Administrative ‘housekeeping’ matters.

Contact: Nichole Williams, Governance Analyst/Assistant Negotiator,, 841-4274 x 237