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Living Here

Adventurers, outdoor enthusiasts, community minded, culturally aware, helpful and hard working are a few words that describe the people that live in Kluane country. If you live for lattes and shopping malls Burwash Landing is not that metropolis, but it has everything you need to feel free and full of life.

This corner of the world is sparsely populated and is one of the Yukon’s best kept secrets. The majestic beauty of Kluane is to be seen and lived to be truly experienced. And we guarantee you that it will stay with you for the rest of your life. There are not many places left in this ever changing world that still values the spirit of community and actual human connection. You can still access as much or as little of the world as you want. Burwash Landing is connected via Internet, satellite, cellular and good old fashioned land lines and post. The community of Burwash is home to approximately 90 people. Surrounding communities of Destruction Bay and Silver City push the popluation of the are to over 150 people. While it is the smallest community in the Yukon there sure is lots happening here!


Geographically Kluane is situated above the 60th parallel, while it is not quite Arctic, it is Sub-Arctic. This means we have long days and shorter summer weather and short days and longer winters. In summer temperatures are usually stable in the low to mid 20 degrees Celsius and in Winter they can drop to -40 degrees Celsius. Because of the drier climate the cold can be enjoyable and many people are very active outdoors in -20 in the middle of January. The stark beauty of environment caused by the climate is a photographers paradise.


Nestled between Kluane Lake, the Ruby Range mountains and the world class Kluane National Park, going for a walk in Kluane is literally breathtaking. Whether you are exploring the community or are an avid hiker, there are endless trails and places to discover


When you live in the wilderness, you are bound to meet up with a few of the inhabitants. On any given day at certain times of the year you may see moose, Dall sheep, coyotes, wolves, grizzly bears, black bears, lake trout, grayling, salmon, lynx, snowshoe hares, porcupines, eagles and a myriad of other animal life. Don’t worry though, the big guys don’t seem to like the humans and rarely visit our community.


For those who enjoy living off the bounty of the land, Kluane offers incredible fishing, game hunting, a myriad of edible flora and fauna and berries. Because of the long days during the spring and summer months many locals are successful gardeners and enjoy fresh, organic vegetables. Come harvest season people are picking berries, drying meat and fish, canning and processing food for the winter.