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Lands Resources and Heritage

The Lands, Resources and Heritage Department is responsible for implementation of a majority of the KFN Final Agreement as it pertains to KFN Settlement Lands, heritage, and resource use within the Traditional Territory. Through the development of the Lands and Natural Resources Act, land use plans, regulations, and other policies and incentives, we aim to develop a healthy and sustainable community rooted in our traditions and culture.

Lands Branch

A land that can sustain traditional and responsible uses.
  • Implements Lands legislation
  • Issuing and monitoring land leases
  • Manages the Lands Registry
  • Manages the Land Survey program
  • Manages the Community Land Use planning
  • Produces mapping of KFN traditional territory

Natural Resources Branch

Healthy fish and wildlife populations and healthy resources.
  • Evaluates YESAA applications on KFN lands
  • Works with partners to monitor wildlife populations
  • Monitors Category 1 Traplines and Trapper’s Incentive Projects
  • Manages the Sheep Conservation Fund
  • Monitors waste management areas and mine sites
  • Coordinates alternative energy projects

Heritage Branch

A proud community that practices their culture.
  • Champion for language revitalization
  • Implements the Traditional Knowledge Policy
  • Represents KFN on Yukon First Nations Heritage Group, Pickhandle Lakes Steering Committee
  • Works with Parks Canada on co-management of heritage and cultural projects

Staff Listing

LRH Director
Geraldine Pope
Ext. 131

Natural Resources Manager
Kristy Kennedy (Acting)

Environment Officer
Jamie Roddick

Lands Manager
Frank Anderson

Heritage Manager
Ext. 132

Interpretive Programmer (seasonal)

Adam Hicks