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KCDLP Contractors Meeting

Attention KFN Contractors

KCDLP will be hosting a meeting to discuss available contracts


  • Finish installation of insulation on sewer pipe.
  • Grade dirt pad on west side of camp

KCDLP Office:

  • Raising and levelling of Office unit, replace removed panels and drip edge. A
  • Filling and levelling parking lot.
  • Build pad around bulk fuel tank, for fuel truck parking.

Kluane Café:

  • Raising and leveling of store.
  • Remove existing window and install supplied window.

Highway Brushing:

  • Provide brushing and Mowing for 1km Sections of highway both sides of Roadway.
  • There are 8 sections in total.
  • Additional sections to be awarded after successful completion of previous section, includes final inspection To Yukon Government Standards. Include all signage and equipment required to complete. Completion Date August 25th.

All Contractors to provide Proof of workers compensation and 2 million dollars Liability Insurance.

DATE: July 30th, 12:00PM
PLACE: KCDLP office in Burwash