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Housing and Public Works

The department manages the upkeep and maintenance of all public buildings, community roads and services such as water delivery and septic pump outs. The department also manages the KFN rental housing and home ownership program.


Kluane First Nation maintains its housing stock for KFN Citizens who live in the community and for staff of the First Nation. The PWMS department is responsible for the maintenance of the housing stock, such as renovations, keeping code up to date, opening and closing of houses (winter and summer), ensuring the proper running of furnaces, water, sewer and electrical equipment.

Please note: PWMS housing staff are dispatched by work orders prior to entering a residence.


All KFN owned public buildings are maintained by public works staff. Public buildings in the community include all government offices, community buildings, storage and equipment spaces and government garages. In addition public works staff maintain the wood boilers that heat the administration buildings and Jacquot Hall and they maintain and clean residential water tanks.

Emergency? Please contact PWMS office during work hours or (867) — after hours. 


KFN provides services such as potable water delivery, septic pump outs, maintenance of community roads and access to residential water and septic areas and garbage pick for elders


Water and Septic: $90/monthly
Water only: $45/monthly
Septic only: $45/monthly
Unscheduled call outs: $90/delivery
Commercial rates: contact the PWMS Manager


If you are a current residents of KFN housing you may be eligible to purchase your home. Contact the PWMS Director for more information.

Please note: Some of the Copper Joe Housing Units are not eligible for purchase under this program. We are currently working on a “rent-to-own” arrangement for those units.


  • Work Order Form
  • Citizen Housing Application**
  • Housing Policy**
  • Rental Agreement**

** Please connect with the department for the forms

Staff Listing

PWMS Director

PWMS Administrative Support
Lenita Alatini

PWMS Manager
Jason MacDonald

Housing Manager
Weldon Danroth

Maintenance Technician
Cortland Flumerfelt