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Launched: KFN Dań Kwánje Book

March 20, 2018

For immediate release.

Launch of Kluane First Nation Dan Kwanje – Southern Tutchone Resource Kit

March 21, 2018 Jacquot Hall, Burwash Landing 12 PM – 1 PM

The Guidebook is an interactive and informative presentation of the introductory elements of Dan Kwinje – the Southern Tutchone language. It is a community resource that can be taken home to engage the family at home and through this process engage the community in learning and practicing Dan Kwinje – the Southern Tutchone language each day.

Engaged enthusiasm of multigenerational users of the Guidebook’s contents will continue to create interest and use of the Southern Tutchone Language at home and in the community.

The role of Elders in making this project succeed, through their dedication and great efforts, illustrates to the whole community the invaluable role of they have in maintaining continuity of our rich heritage and their place as role models in passing this heritage – to keep it alive and to enrich the lives of the next generations

Three traditional songs of the Kluane People were transcribed, relearned and recorded with Kluane Elders Grace Margaret Johnson and Lena Johnson. These songs are now shared with the Kluane Lake School, the Kluane Daycare and the Community of Burwash Landing. The songs are: Kaa-la, Hudson Bay Yēn, and Na t’a yaat

Recognized as one of the top linguists in the area of the Southern Tutchone language research Elder Dan Tlen, and Southern Tutchone language instructor Diyet van Lieshout guided the development of the Kit to ensure Dan Kwinje – the Southern Tutchone language was documented precisely and in accordance to linguistic transcription standards. Mr. Tlen and Mrs. van Lieshout are musicians in their own right and their combined experience ensured the songs were documented and recorded properly and there was full engagement of all participants.

Funding for this project came from: New Horizons for Seniors Program – Community-Based Projects Government of Canada

For more information please call:

Kluane First Nation
Sherri Wright
Executive Director


Bertha Doris
Language Nest Manager