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Chief and Council

The Chief and Council are the elected body of the KFN Government. The Council consists of one Chief, two Councillors-at-Large, one Youth Councillor and one Elders’ Councillor. The members of Council are elected for a three-year term of office. The Current Council was elected in November 2021.

Elected KFN Council 2021-2024

Chief Bob Dickson
Councillor-at-large Bertha Doris
Councillor-at-large Jared Dulac
Youth Councillor Coleson Ford 
Elder Councillor vacant

You can engage with the Council by:

Calling the KFN Administration Office (867) 841-4274 or
Requesting to be placed on the Council Meeting Agenda.


Regular Council meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month. Meetings are scheduled from 9am to 5pm. The Council agenda is available on the first day of the Council meeting. Regular Council meetings are open to the public.

Special Council meetings may be called on an as needed basis. These meetings are usually called on short notice and the agenda may not be available prior to the start of the meeting. These meetings are normally open to the public unless noted otherwise.

Anyone who would like Council to consider an issue must submit a written request providing all relevant details. Requests are to be addressed to Chief and Council. It is important that the applicant attend the Council meeting prepared to discuss the topic with Council. Contact the Executive Manager for more details on submitting a request.

Youth Council meetings are held at least four times per year. Because KFN youth live in many different communities, Youth Council meetings may take place in different communities. Please contact the Youth Councillor for information on Youth Council meetings.

Elders Council meetings are held monthly and serves as an advisory forum for the Council. Council may seek advice from the Elder’s Council on any issue that arises during regular Council meetings. For more information on Elders Council meetings contact the Executive Manager.