Boards and Committees

Kluane First Nation has several Committees that Citizens can get involved in. Council makes appointments or recommendations for committees depending on what the nature of the committee is. Citizens who are interested in participating in a committee can submit their interest when there is a call out for new members or they can contact the Executive Manager for more information.

Constitution Committee Learning Corner Board and Committees Nomination Form Dań kwanje Nomination Form


Constitution Committee: Term Expiry November 17, 2020

  • Mathieya Alatini
  • Robin Bradasch
  • Robin Chambers
  • Grace Southwick
  • Bertha Doris (Alternate member)

Citizenship Committee: Term Expiry November 17, 2020

  • Robin Bradasch
  • Bertha Doris
  • Mary Jane Johnson
  • Joyce Johnson-Albert
  • Kluane Martin

Election Committee: Term Expiry April 29, 2022

  • Robin Chambers
  • Lillian Underwood
  • Monica Johnson
  • Bertha Doris (Alternate member)

Resolutions Committee: Expiry GA 2019

  • ̏Robin Chambers
  • Robin Bradasch
  • Mathieya Alatini


KFN has represenatives on these Boards and Committees. KFN Council makes appointments or recommendations, however the management of the Board is outside of KFN.There will be 2 Positions opening soon for the DKRRC

  • Council of Yukon First Nations – KFN Rep: Chief Dickson
  • Asi-Keyi Natural Environment Park Steering Committee – KFN Delegate: Mary Jane Johnson
  • Pickhandle Lakes Habitat Protection Area Steering Committee – KFN Rep: Mary Jane Johnson
  • Dan Keyi Renewable Resource Council
  • Kluane Park Management Board